Thursday, September 13, 2007


In January 2007, both Gualter and I were having a chat about, when were we going to do something that we could actually be involved in, creating from ground zero. If my memory allows to be correct, I think this conversation happened in a cab, on the way to the Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont airport, where we were running late (beware: with Gualter you are pretty much risking being late - it's just the way it is) to catch the flight to Sao Paulo for a meeting about a commercial film we were working on.

Coincidence or not, the following day I got a fedex package of 'possible projects' that Hungry Man Entertainment in NY had put together for development possibilities. The package consisted of a few scripts and these amazing looking comic books, which I had never seen anything like it before. It was STRANGE DETECTIVE TALES - DEAD LOVE. My eyes were so drawn to these comic books (there were 3), that I lost complete track of what I was supposed to do that morning in my office in Rio.

Right away I called Gualter and said - "Gualter, our chance has come." Gualter couldn't belive it when I mentioned, "we always have to be careful what we ask for in life", but I was not going to say what it was. I told him that I needed some time to think about it and since we were the following week vacationing together with our families in Salvador, Bahia in the northwest of Brazil, I would have some further information to bring upon. Gualter was respectful enough to wait until the time was right.
small detail: For those of you who have never been to Salvador - A MUST.

For the following days, I just kept thinking about what this could be; sort of when you have idea and need to push that idea in your head until it makes sense and it gives you that feeling of "this is what we can do and it will work".

We landed in Salvador with our families, kids an wifes, rent the cars and arrive at the house we pulled together some weeks ago while scouting for Gualter's music video we were producing/directing - beach front, truly amazing. The house was located on a private residential area called "in search of life"... So you can just imagine...

After kids and deciding on the weeks meals (supermarket run), we were able to settle on the 2 lounge beach front pool chairs, I had in my hands the comic books and began discussing and telling Gualter what I was thinking we could do to develop and produce from GROUND ZERO.
His eyes sparkled 10x more than mine did when I handed him the comic books...
From that point on, his energy and sensibility to make these characters come to life has been amazing. Right away he started dreaming out loud who could be our animators, our sound producer (music and sound effects) and his knowledge of 1940's 50's Los Angeles art, architecture, lifestyle et all. After all - Gualter is an amazing Art Director...

A few months later, we ultimately did a small pilot animation, and the board of Hungry Man Entertainment gave it a go.

We each hopped 3x made our wishes and announced to our team that we were ON to make our webisode and that it will premiere on the Hungry Man TV channel - Hungry Man TV Channel, on Halloween 07. Short time away, but energy's afloat.

Smiles everywhere. So good to see such smiles shine and happy dudes with us! The dream of any animator is to be involved in something like this... So good vibes and positive thoughts were all given by everyone.

We hope you will enjoy the following story as much as we have enjoyed creating and making this Adult Animation project come to life.



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